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Welcome to Rodeo Resource.  Here we aim to educate people, new or experienced, in the rodeo world and give them the tools to be successful.  Empower you to star, and give you the tools to be successful.  We want to give you the ability to be Sustainable and stay competitive in your event.  The rest is up to you. Go Conquer.

Train the Body and Mind

Because your body is only half of your equation, the key to unlocking your fullest potential and breaking through limits is training your mind just as hard.

My Story

Bareback Riding

Being 6'4", I have never been your average Bareback rider. I started competing in 2009. Not being involved in High School Rodeo it took time to develop the connections and skills to be competitive.  What I love most about rodeo is the drive and fire that pushes an individual to improve and be their absolute best everyday. And ultimately.  Your biggest competition is yourself.

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Professional Video Analysis

Video analysis is a valuable tool utilized by numerous sports.  With modern technology it's easy to capture and connect with coaches to take your game to the next level. Submit your video here to our event specific panel to highlight your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Resources on the Rodeo Trail

Visit our Forum for info on all things rodeo: Arena reviews, stock information, recommended therapists and equine support. Get the right resource for the right need.

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