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Below our our top recommendations for training tools.  Also visit our partnered training professionals for personalized assistance.  If you have one you would like to share, contact us so we can add it to our list. We at Rodeo Resource are a participant in the Amazon Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees and linking to Amazon. 


YouTube Channels


Myosource Kinetic bands are a great way to add resistance and increase difficulty of any activity.

Myosource Kinetic Bands


A great YouTube channel that has a vast library of training exercises and routines.



This guy has a great collection of body weight/movement exercises.  If you're looking for a new challenge you will find it in his non-traditional routines.

Vahva Fitness


This book was recommended to me by Luke Creasy. A great read into tips/tricks professional athletes use to consistently enter the "Zone".

My first exposure to this was traveling with my brother listening to it on the way to a rodeo. Self image, confidence, success and the "Theater of the Mind" concepts are great tools to grow your success. 

This was recently recommended to me by Kody.  This may not be for everyone as the life experiences shared in this book are very raw. But the lessons and challenges will push you to accept your limitations. And then break them.



Along with the  MyosourceYouTube channel, find any configuration of band you need to target your specific muscle or exercise. 

TITIN Technology

I haven't made the splurge to purchase this product yet. But the weighted shirts and shorts would undoubtedly take your training to the next level.



With the new age you can stream/download any workout plan and take it with you on the road.  Insanity has been my favorite so far in leaning out and muscle explosiveness.


I myself have tested one of these mouth guards. And they do not disappoint.  Brain-Pad's dual-arch patented design has been tested to reduce impact energy to the jaw-joints & base of the skull. The dual-arch designs offer a center breathe space allowing constant breathing while clenching with no air flow restriction.

Brain Pad Adult Mouth Guards

Brain Pad Youth Mouth Guards